Office of Priscilla Hapner 

Welcome to the Office of Priscilla Hapner. Her practice concentrates on providing practical legal advice to minimize workplace risks without overly disrupting business operations. In short, complying with an ocean of legal requirements need not become the primary focus of a successful organization when tailored and cost-effective solutions are available.


Every business is affected by today’s litigious landscape and the constantly changing environment of government regulations, state and federal statutes, jury verdicts and court decisions.  These legal issues regularly invade the workplace and can divert managers from focusing on an organization’s priorities and productivity goals.  

Employment litigation and government investigations can also be expensive, negatively affect employee morale and harm public relations.  This makes it critical that every employer have proactive strategies and up-to-date procedures in place to both motivate employees and avoid invasive litigation and government investigations.


It is important to work with an attorney who partners with you, understands organizational dynamics and has experience in addressing claims of employment discrimination and/or harassment, unpaid wages, retaliation, whistleblowing, and violations of the FMLA. Employers need an attorney who provides assistance before a workplace annoyance becomes a problem, while a workplace dispute can be easily resolved internally, when a government agency becomes involved, and after litigation has commenced.


Many employers incorrectly believe that good sense is the only skill which is needed to manage their human resources. However, in reality, navigating legal landmines in the workplace is not always intuitive or logical.  

Ms. Hapner's practice often involves whatever legal problems find her clients, whether they be employment-related, business related or some other practical or legal issue. In short, she assists in resolving problems.