Office of Priscilla Hapner


Litigation Representation:

Defend lawsuits filed in state or federal court against companies or their employees involving disputes with employees, business partners, suppliers, or customers.  

Employee Relations Advice:
Provide advice concerning tricky situations involving employees, such as terminations or discharges, interviewing and hiring the appropriate job candidate, progressive discipline, leaves of absences, and performance evaluations in order to reduce the risk of losing unemployment claims and lawsuits while simultaneously minimizing disruption to operations.

Workplace Investigations:
Gather information and interview witnesses in connection with suspected or alleged violations of law, policy or performance expectations and provide a report and/or recommendations about appropriate disciplinary action and other employment–related decisions.   Reasonable investigations can support appropriate disciplinary action from a challenge in litigation. 

Affirmative Action Plans:
Prepare, review and/or update affirmative action plans and assist with any compliance evaluation by the OFCCP.  Audit recordkeeping procedures, compensation practices, immigration documents and personnel files to ensure compliance with government regulations.

Employment Practices Audit:
Audit an organization’s employment practices (including compensation decisions and job classifications) in order to determine their efficiency and compliance with various federal and state employment and recordkeeping laws and then identify which practices and procedures should be revised in order to reduce potential legal liability. Audits are also helpful during the due diligence prior to purchasing a business.

Alternative Dispute Resolution:
• Design a grievance, arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution program to resolve employee disputes without going to court;
• Mediate employee disputes; and/or
• Arbitrate employee disputes;

Employee Handbooks and Policies:
Draft, review and/or update employee handbooks or manuals, and other employment policies (including whistleblowing policies).

Provide advice about how to comply with the FMLA and how to reduce the risk of violating it while minimizing disruption to operations.  Assist an organization with an investigation by the Department of Labor into FMLA compliance.

Provide individualized group training to management and/or staff concerning federal and state employment laws (including diversity, sexual and other harassment, age discrimination, compensation practices, etc.), performance management, administering disciplinary actions and employee coaching.

Agency Compliance:
Provide advice and/or representation in  responding to charges of discrimination and retaliation filed with government agencies and with governmental investigations into an organization’s compliance with state and federal laws governing employment conditions and compensation.

Provide advice and/or representation in defending unemployment claims in order to reduce the risk of liability.

Job Descriptions/FLSA Compliance:
Review job descriptions and determine whether positions are correctly classified as exempt from overtime compensation.

Separation Agreements:
Draft, review and/or negotiate separation agreements offered to departing employees.

Public Employment:
Assist with union negotiations, fact-finding, and conciliation.  Provide advice and/or representation in responding to unfair labor practice charges or complaints filed with civil service commissions and complying with Ohio's Public Records Law.

Labor Relations:

Assist with conducting contract negotiations, responding to grievances, engaging in investigations, preparing for arbitrations and responding to unfair labor practice charges. 

    Contract Review:  

Review and draft contracts, including asset purchase agreements, and suggest the modification, deletion and/or insertion of additional term.